About Oscilmet

Oscilmet (formerly Strikeone) is an innovative, Australian-based IT company, specialising in the analysis and interpretation of weather data.

For many years we have provided a free community service on the web, providing real-time radar data, satellite imagery and forecasting for the Australian continent. This service is used by weather enthusiasts and people whose livelihoods are dependent on the weather. Users are required to register to access this information.

More recently, Oscilmet has developed customised storm warning and analysis tools tailored specifically for the insurance sector. Companies can limit their exposure to severe weather events by using Oscilmet's unique Hail-Warning system to reduce damage incurred by policyholders. After a severe storm, Oscilmet's Hail-Map enables users to fast-track the assessment of hail-damage claims.

Currently these services are provided for the Australian continent only. However, Oscilmet is in the process of researching other markets in which storm events are a major risk factor for insurance companies.